Crest IT Solutions

Crest IT Solutions, a UK based provider of IT support services to professional clients across the UK & Ireland, recently sought our input to help evolve their brand, which seeks to differentiate Crest from the rest, in an SME client-market saturated with sub-standard providers providing sub-standard levels of support and technical know-how.

After Global Impact concluded a detailed audit of Crest’s branding & its perception within their core client-base, along with extensive consultation with key team-members & stakeholders, Crest management committed to partner into a project presented & managed by the Global Impact team.

Global Impact has extensive experience helping companies across Europe “plug” their business, its identity & part of its profit into Social Responsibility projects across the globe as a means of;

  1. Making a measurable difference to communities and community-based projects
  2. Through these partnerships, expressing their CSR credentials to new & existing customers as an expression of “different-ness” & proof of corporate ethics
  3. Attracting & retaining the best staff
  4. Demonstrating to stakeholders & investors that Crest has a well-defined purpose in addition to profitability

As a next step, one of the Global Impact team will visit Sri Lanka in February to scope a series of projects for Crest. Projects under early consideration are;

  • The installation of an IT suite at a residential School for deaf and blind children aged 11 to 18.
  • The building of a “home” for 16 ‘orphaned’ old-age pensioners (who, through a combination of bereavement & migration, no longer have the support of their families) within the compound of an orphanage for children aged 3 to 17.

Projects such as these not only respond to real “local” needs but, just as importantly, help fulfill the need of those who will benefit from Crest’s input to make a positive contribution to Crest’s commercial success. This is partnership not charitable dependence, investment not giving, and represents a richer future to all businesses committed to CSR as a core strand of their corporate identity & thinking.

We will update you on developments in March and beyond as Crest adopt & integrate a corporate project with an estimated “cost” to a growing bottom-line of no more than £800 per month.