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Injecting your sustainability profile into recruitment – Why & How.

A brutal headline fact. There is a “war-for-talent” going on right now, particularly when attempting to recruit low to middle-management staff born after 1980. A key battle-ground is the Corporate Social Performance (C.S.P.) of your business. If your C.S.P. profile is positive, recruitment of post-1980 talent just got a whole-lot easier. In contrast, if your C.S.P. profile is weak, you are losing out on much of the talent you need to build your business in the medium to long-term.

The keys;

1.     Have a 1 real, 2 structured, 3 tested & 4 externally assessed sustainability profile which can withstand scrutiny.

2.     For recruitment purposes, simplify your sustainability profile to help develop “easily-delivered”, “easily remembered” sound-bites designed to get the fundamental messages across to interviewees.

3.     Train & test the interviewer. If they don’t “get” the sustainability story they simply will not sell it.

4.     Keep your website permanently synchronised with your sustainability profile – potential candidates look, ALWAYS!!!

5.     Ensure your website’s sustainability profile reflect the “easy-to-remember” rules.

6.     When advertising roles, make a point of referencing your sustainability profile.

7.     Wherever you interview, have visuals explaining your sustainability profile “in simple terms”. Remember, even roller banners work wonders & have at least 2 of them on view.

8.     Ensure application-forms, job-descriptions and ALL OTHER recruitment documents reference your sustainability profile.

9.     As interviews are about questions, ask all candidates; 1) for their observations of your sustainability profile & 2) to explain what input they think they can make to the business’s sustainability standing.

10. In essence this is marketing so have IMAGES &/or PICTURES relevant to your profile & work them – remorselessly!