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Nature’s Dangerous Decline

So says the latest UN report on the impacts mankind is having on the global environment & the risks these impacts represent for all of us.

For decades, the environmental debate has centred around; a) assessing if the dire warnings were true and then b) discussing who caused the mess and who should fix it. That conversation however went the way of the dodo – it no longer has legs (no pun intended). The fact is me, you, all of us screwed-up.

Of the tribe called “the-man-in-the-street”, many are doing great stuff to help repair the damage; changed diet, changed purchasing, plastic-free, solar, recycling, community composting, vegan, no-flight, EV’s, embracing bicycles (again), sustainable-investments and so on: all great I have to say, and all necessary, BUT all small-scale.

So, if there was a way to upscale the effort, and to do so almost over-night, “would you want it?” I ask. The answer Global Impact’s corporate clients gave to this question was simple, they asked ‘how?’

Sounds fanciful I know but great results occur naturally when a business chooses to do something sustainable, and in the process the business makes more money.

I think we should hear that one more time, but expressed even more simply:


“But how?” is usually the second line of a narrative that begins with “Surely it is not possible for my business to be more sustainable & more profitable.”

Those already on the journey however know it is true. Indeed, what they would probably say here and now is, “what part of being more profitable do you not want a part of!!!!!”

And their sentiment is accurate; blunt I admit, but undeniably accurate.

So, suspend your doubts just for a moment and message us here at Global Impact (, where Sustainability AND Profitability is what we help our clients do.

Go on, take the risk, boosting your balance-sheet and the planet and in the process love yourself and your business a little more too.

Have a great day.