– by helping you make the world a better place


At Global Impact we are experienced in the transformation of businesses by harnessing the opportunities of Sustainability and CSR strategies. Channelling the interests of people, the planet and profit, we help client businesses set goals and achieve them.


We guide you through the risks, focus you on the opportunities and help you and your people manage the transition to the better, more sustainable business you plan to lead.


We believe that insights and learning are key to becoming aware of and being able to exist in a commercial world changing faster than ever.


We deliver case-based CSR presentations on how smart businesses profit from working strategically with CSR, making a positive impact on their bottom-line as well as on corporate teams, local and global communities and the environment.


A typical presentation lasts around 45 to 90 minutes, but can be tailored individually to network meetings and board, corporate team & staff events.

Social Impact Projects

There is growing pressure on companies to be CSR & Sustainability positive but there is little corporate experience helping SMEs respond effectively. As a result, most businesses miss out on the benefits impactful, Social Responsibility projects can deliver.


At Global Impact we offer a practical approach to ensure Corporate Social Initiatives result in real change & real impact.


Our Social Impact Projects deliver long-lasting impacts on client businesses, staff, stakeholders, supply-chain partners and customers, while helping the communities in which the business anchors itself.

Interim CSR Management

Where you decide to work with CSR & Sustainability, but lack the skills and manpower to initiate, develop, prioritise and follow-through on the process, we are able to help you deliver by being that resource; your interim CSR Manager.


In collaboration, we will help determine the scope and duration of projects and transformations and make sure your business and its employees are competent enough to take-over and deliver, once we exit.


While on contract, we identify options and objectives and develop Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategies to satisfy your CSR targets, while working with permanent staff to facilitate in-house knowledge, skills, networks and competences.

The Global Impact Process

When you work with us, we are available every step of the way.

Contact us to find out how Global Impact can help your business.

The Baseline

The Uniqueness of the Global Impact Client Strategy


Before embarking on your Corporate Sustainability journey, it is vital you and your team understand what your Sustainability Profile looks like “RIGHT NOW”. This is our starting point.


Our role is to establish this Baseline by identifying existing Sustainability themes in the company’s “character”. We then demonstrate what these themes mean to the company’s Sustainability Profile.


Working from the baseline and towards the corporate sustainability and CSR goals, we present the journey that will transform the company’s brand, the profit the brand attracts and the relationship with customers, society in general and the planet.

Pledge of impact


We are here to make a positive impact on your business. With that non-negotiable principle in mind we audit and scope to your brief to guarantee positive commercial and sustainable outcomes.


Through materiality impact assessments we will report on the strengths and weaknesses of your sustainability standing and potential, and develop strategies to drive the business profitably down its unique Sustainability path.

Clients & Cases

Global Impact helps companies profit and prosper from having the right structures and processes. Through consulting we make sure the right people do the right things for the right costumers.
If we agree to partner, our collaboration will make your company stronger, more resilient and more profitable, while ensuring it is recognised as a business fulfilling its social as well as commercial responsibilities.
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