global impact social project homerun halifax
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global impact social project homerun project halifax

The Situation


Operating in a brutally competitive market ABS had already differentiated itself via a sequence of dynamic Social Impact projects. The next step on their Social Performance journey was to focus hard on Sustainability, in particular;
1) CO2 emission reduction,
2) improving work-life balance for staff,
3) working on projects affecting homelessness.

Our Work


1) Focusing on remote customer support technologies, vehicle management & a planned migration to electric vehicles created a 3 year plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%
2) Consultation resulted in a rotating working week reduction from 37.5 to 33.5 hours
3) The company’s HomeRun project for homeless people is in its third year

Our Impact


1) The Sustainability Standing of the company has soared
2) their brand marks them out as socially positive
3) attracting good staff has become a simpler task
4) customer attraction rates have never been higher, impacting naturally on profit and turnover