global impact client badmodul van
“The relationship has been good for us from the start & would not hesitate to recommend these guys to any business wanting to be better & more sustainable.”
Mads Andreasen. Managing Director. 2018

The Situation


With a new ownership structure in place in 2014, growth came quickly to Badmodul, Copenhagen’s largest bathroom installation specialist. But rapid growth brought an awareness of the environmental & social implications of more installations.

Our Work


In 2017 Global Impact was appointed with the brief to help reduce the environmental & social impact of Badmodul’s core business activity while not impacting negatively on profit.
5 working days resulted in the company’s Sustainability Report, which the client agreed to move forward with over a 9 month implementation period.

Our Impact


Reduced the distances driven by all site vehicles by 770 kms per day, bringing CO2 emissions down by 56.3kgs per day (13.4 tons per year)
Reduced ‘start-to-finish’ project times by 14 days
Increased quarterly productivity from 52 to 78 completed projects
Reduced vehicles costs by 819,000 kr (£93,240) per annum