We were introduced to John by another Global Impact client and the relationship has been good for us from the start, one we would recommend to any business.

Badmodul grew dramatically since I took full control in 2014 with double-digit growth each year. That growth however was beginning to cause stresses and strains on cashflow, our installation and management structures and the implementation of complex bathroom projects. In line with many fast-growing firms, we had become victims of our own success and we felt it was time to take stock and consult with someone who possessed the kind of experience we, as a young management team, lacked.

We met with John and his team in summer 2017 and agreed to John and the team, spending a day reviewing the ‘what’, how’ and ‘why’ of our operation. The following week they presented a detailed report to our management team and outlined short, medium and long-term recommendations to alleviate the pressures our business was under.

What struck us forcefully was;

  • The structured way John approached the analysis of our business
  • The logical prioritising of solutions and the short-term return on any investment we might make in this consulting partnership
  • The detailed structuring of short and medium-term solutions to the infrastructural issues common to growing businesses
  • The application of John’s experience managing various businesses to our situation
  • The ease with which John highlighted his own failures to help us avoid similar events
  • The direct way John delivered the message

The great lesson we learned from John and the team however is this

You can have the best product in the world installed by great people BUT you are still not entitled to survive and thrive without the structures & processes that help great people deliver great results.

That was their focus at the outset and Global Impact has become a key partner in our success. Moving forward we hope to be able to call on their insight, and determination to see good companies succeed and grow, in the coming 12 months as we seek to become a dominant player in our sector of the construction industry.

We would not hesitate to recommend these guys to any business wanting to be better.

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