global impact clien crest office

The Situation


Concerned about the carbon footprint of their growing IT support business and the impact of high mileage on highly-skilled field technicians, the management team sought Global Impact’s professional input.

Our Work


Global Impact helped develop simple strategies to reduce mileage, extend the miles per gallon potential of vehicles, speed up migration to more fuel-efficient vehicles and migrate to more advanced methods of remote support.

Our Impact


– A 26% reduction in the kilometers travelled (38,000 kms per Q)
– A reduction of quarterly fuel consumption by 1,940 litres
– A 14.2 tons per annum reduction in CO2 vehicle emissions
– A further 2.4 tons per annum reduction in CO2 emissions caused by general office activity
– A 4.5% reduction in field technician absence rates
– Ggaba Social Impact Project