Global Impact Client DKT

The Situation


Worried about the growing carbon footprint of their fast-growing logistics business, DKT sought our help to better understand;
1) the measurable impacts logistics has on the environment and the communities the company served and
2) ways they could reduce, offset or avoid the issues core logistics activity creates.

Our Work


Having reported on the company’s Sustainability Baseline and their options for reducing the impacts unique to their industry, Global Impact helped develop CO2 reduction strategies while incorporating the company’s well-established range of social impact projects into a positive Sustainability profile.

Our Impact


Needing to create real, easy-to-understand brand differentiation in a viciously competitive market Global Impact;
1) helped codify the social and environmental impacts DKT already had in their corporate “character”
2) developed precise customer information as part of their sustainability branding
3) develop ‘tender-focused’ sustainability data to attract potential national and international customers