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The Situation


As a nationally recognised Danish carpentry business, Egerbyg wanted to expand the reach of their “Social Projects & the Carpenter” program to include a high-profile project outside of Denmark.

Our Work


In early 2019 Global Impact was appointed to suggest project options then manage the nominated project through to conclusion. The chosen project was to fund a kitchen restoration project at Tangalle School for the Deaf & Blind in Sri Lanka with the project being designed, planned and implemented by two of the school’s own carpentry students.

Our Impact


Managed by Global Impact’s South Asian Project Manager, Yapa Arachchi, the project has had a remarkable impact on the life of two deaf students. The school now has a fully functional kitchen feeding 90 blind students and the Egerbyg team prove again that the company is about more than profit, and that is an important message for Egerbyg customers and stakeholders.