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Having grown our business from a “cold” start back in 2005 our small team had grown the service operation to a healthy £7,500 monthly service revenue by 2011 through a customer base of 105 supported networks & devices on a compact Manchester & Cheshire geography.

But by 2011 the company had been stalled for almost 3 years. The result was we were;

  • Failing to meet the growth targets we had set for ourselves and key stakeholders.
  • Encountering cash-flow issues.
  • Not able to provide career and income progression for staff, resulting in the loss of two talented and key team members.
  • Struggling with the recruitment of replacements and additional sales resources.
  • Failing to develop customer support standards in a changing market.

Based on professional advice we sought out John and his team who agreed to review our operation and present a report addressing;

  • Issues and weaknesses, ranked in importance and threat-value.
  • The opportunities we could focus on in the short and medium term that would; a) develop customer attraction, b) improve customer retention & c) implement simple steps to develop a customer support structure.
  • The development of structures and simple methodologies to improve the business.
  • Additional products and services which could; enhanced our offering, bind customers more closely to the MG brand and improve both sales revenue & profitability.

Over the next 12 months they helped us develop our operation systematically, through the setting and monitoring of evolutions & customer care/sales methodologies which transformed MG into a growing business once again, selling more, with an improved customer support infrastructure and portfolio of support solutions.


As an owner however, the key benefits were;

  • I had been helped to have a far better understanding of our business and customers
  • They helped us regain control of MG’s growth potential
  • We were again profitable

In 2012 we were approached by a competitor and after a thorough due diligence process, in which the more detailed information systems Mr Lees had been so insistent that we develop added value to our business, a sale of MG was agreed representing a much better ROI than we could have expected only three years previously. Mr Lees’ involvement and guidance in the sale process was also vital to the successful outcome.

Our experience is proof that the extensive & varied experience they have at their disposal is a vital asset to those like MG who have invested in and benefitted from their input and I have since referred Global Impact to former customers and trading partners. Where Global Impact are involved I hear similar comments to our own and see profitable outcomes.

We would recommend without hesitation any business in a competitive, customer-facing market consider working with The Global Impact team.


But be warned; John is a straight-talking, practical Northerner with a passion for good, effective infra-structure developments, an unwavering commitment to customers and their improving support and a stickler for honesty and frankness. In our case that combination proved both refreshing and profitable.

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