Project Director heading for Sri Lanka to set up new client projects

One of Global Impact’s Project Directors is bound for Sri Lanka in the new year to help set up CSR projects for three separate Client businesses. Assisted by our Regional Co-ordinator, Yapa Arachchi, Global Impact continually uncovers & develops small, high-impact CSR projects for European commercial clients which will dynamically differentiate them and their CSR standing from their competition when it comes to winning business and recruiting new talent, while delivering sustainable solutions to critical problems on the ground in rural Sri Lanka.

Projects under review, early 2019

The problems of bereavement in old age

In response to an escalating crisis for the elderly in rural Sri Lanka & South India, several orphanages are looking to develop residential facilities for the “orphaned” elderly; those who find themselves bereaved, alone and without the traditional support structure of immediate family. In Sri Lanka, as elsewhere, the elderly still have much to contribute, particularly with children who know all about being orphaned and one of our clients is inclined to invest into a solution for up to 20 pensioners.


We, and some of our clients, see this as a great social-project to plug into and we hope to facilitate the first such centre as early as 2019.

Better education facilities for visually-impaired 11 to 18 year olds

Blind children are not the priority in South Asia they are in Europe but one of our clients has expressed an interest in being part of the solution for 200 boys and girls for whom prospects seem pretty bleak. One recently revamped residential school for blind children is in desperate need of; a) IT infrastructure suitable for those with limited sight, b) long-term support for a part-time speech therapist & c) because blind kids need to burn off energy too, recruitment and funding for the school’s first sports teacher.

Two client companies have expressed a desire to invest and our job is to; a) help design & deliver the project and b) help the client use the project as a key differentiator within their business.

Improving basic facilities for the seriously disabled

As in other under-developed countries, Cerebral Palsy is a major problem for poor families in Sri Lanka. This cruel condition is exaggerated by ignorance, poverty and poor pre-natal healthcare. One centre in Southern Sri Lanka, funded entirely by donations from low-income families, & operating out of the ground-floor of a rented house, desperately wants to build a residential centre for these “special” children & help them develop to their fullest potential. With land available, concerted commercial commitment (and even some corporate volunteering) will see the centre open its new doors by the start of 2020.

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