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Sustainability – Increasingly a Product of Irresistible Demand

At a recent meeting with Re-Brand leaders, hosted by Global Impact, it was made clear that one of the key motivators encouraging businesses to seek the input of re-brand professionals was the pressing need to re-position the company’s brand in the light of the sustainability journey the business was about to commence or was already on.

It was felt that an old brand, successful as it may have been in communicating purpose, people & product, invariably clashes with the dynamic of a sustainability focused business on the fast-track to growth & enhanced profitability – and make no bones about it, when sustainability is entrenched into a healthy business, accelerated growth and greater profitability follow.

But why is “sustainability” at the top of the agenda for so many sectors?

At a recent Dublin conference hosted by Enterprise Ireland for the Irish packaging industry (a sector employing 10,000 people), the message coming through loud-and-clear was that, increasingly, everyone is demanding provable sustainability of everyone else, in packaging as in every other sector of the modern European economy.

Reporting on the conference the Irish Independent (Paddy Byrne, 19.5.19, ran the following under the headline;

“They say good things come in small packages. In fact, they come in sustainable packaging.”

“Right now, across the EU and the wider world, two factors are intensifying the search for sustainable packaging solutions. Firstly, consumer awareness is driving demand for sustainable alternatives from the ground up. At the same time, legislation designed to protect the environment is driving change from the top down.”

The article also concluded that, “FMCG companies seek to protect brand equity with packaging that reflects core values (with) sustainability increasingly important.”

So, what does all this mean if you are not involved in the packaging industry? There are two responses;

1.      The sustainable, environmentally friendly demand the packaging industry faces now is either with you RIGHT NOW or is on its way, whether we want it or not.

2.     We are all directly involved in packaging; take a quick look round your business and try to tell yourself this isn’t true.

Accepting the sledgehammer quality of these observations, what next?

Moving forward, there are only two possible reactions;

A) Do nothing and hope it all goes away


B) Grasp the opportunity to differentiate your business and make an identifiable difference to your Profitability, your People and the Planet.

The choice is a stark one; get it right and your business thrives, get it wrong …….!